Reality Speaks

Reality speaks
whispering its secrets
on every air of breath
that must become another breath,
and the night begins to sing
upon the breeze just settling in,
of all that's passed upon the path
to the feeling of a failure
that they find themselves
reliving once again.

Yet a part of each one,
still hidden at the core
(the very depth of all they are)
arises once again to tell its tale,
of youthful innocence
that died upon the altar
of repressed exuberance;
as spirits rise at last, insisting
on all that they were meant to be.

And freedom chimes
both deep and high
awakening yet one more chance
to act and finally change
those games into
a meaningful reality;
for all that was most tame
within their lives
had birthed no more
than just a mask
worn as a tribute
to the power of obeisance.

Now reality speaks,
softly in a whisper of the wind,
spinning yet another yarn
that burns the threads
of what had been to ash;
allowing soul to rise again
within each promised dawn,
transcending and
transforming opposition,
to turn itself into a greater harmony
than they had ever known before;
as it opens up yet one more door
allowing them to flow into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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