Satin Puffs

Slippery satin
puffs in waves
as air receives its hues
of bluest blue
and all we are
begins to slide
beneath an increased
breadth and width
of comprehension.

A tiger roars in unison,
feeling what we feel
just when he pounces
and he strikes his startled prey;
engrossed within a symphony of gore
that brings a bloody bliss so sweet
his heart becomes a beat
of succulence.

Ever needing more and more,
we dive into tomorrow in a swarm,
startled by the sight
of flesh in flight
yet ever holding, clinging, shaping
the basic singing hope
of a relief from every tension;
as spirit sighs through
all we know to be.

Remix the match,
and watch the sulfur sing;
clinging in odiferous response
as scent itself is bent
into the light and saucy,
sassy innocence, supplying
all the power that lies
in waiting behind eyes
that bleed the sight
of just one vast expression;

In slippery satin
puffs of waves
crashing to the core
of everything;
instinct rising
to redeem all life...


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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