Scream of Silence

The roaring silence screams in desperation
bellowing in great desire
burning, yearning, reaching out
in a sense of almost violent release
but nothing will appease its basic need
that turns into a sense of utter resignation
to lull the mind into a state of sleep;
wanting nothing, willing naught
afraid to move, lest it be caught
by another wave of deep, dark desperation.

While indignantly,
humiliation reddens everything,
as root and base arise in force
to power a trance induced
by time and space and place
and other beings,
that somehow feel their way into
this silence now unbound;
and sound begins to utter each distinction,
distracting and evaporating dreams;

As spirits scheme to enter in
a subtlety that moves and spins the mind
seeking just the feel of one sensation:
to feel themselves to be reality
beyond the screams of silent isolation;
transforming pain to be itself at last -
silently singing completion of form
in high vibrations ringing round
the centerpoint of creativity -
for one heart at last is opening
to love within a silent roar
that speaks for everything . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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