Sense of Light

Healing sense of light divine
shining through the darkness
of our flesh - melting then
into a happiness that only seems
to come of peace of mind -
just when a heartbeat echoes in
an offering of love to all
that we have come to be.

High vibrations echo deep,
touching secret places in our soul,
awakening amazing increments
of a momentary dream's hallucination,
where cold and hot become one sense
of unbelievable enlightenment.

Cellular, this feeling of experience
when every sense combines within
a purity of one unending beam
that speaks in whispered particles
of all that ever was and comes to be.

As healing, within this sense
of rainbow light divine
receives itself beyond the blindness
mortal vision all too often brings to mind;
in a dazzling magnificence arrayed
within the splendor of one light divine,

That seeks a momentary opening
within the mists of darkness falling,
calling out for one pure ray,
completely shining through a night
that ever moves into
our sense of living, breathing
feeling of reality . . .


Revised:  8/2/2001
Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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