She Arises

Titillating, tantalizing vision of pure fantasy
swimming surrealistically within all mind.
Long hair blowing with a breeze,
inspired by the femininity of all divinity,
and She arises once again within this flesh.

The illusion of illusions comes to life,
fear dispersed within a mist of peak desire
flaming through each particle of air
to breathe itself to being once again,
as matter is shattered
and mind opens wide,
seeing the sky so alive it must fly

Into an ultimate of spiritually significant
scintillating waves of pure sensation;
that move themselves in undulating waves,
crystallizing wakes of loving tenderness
into a passion uncontrolled in its expression,
in an emptiness it never
dared to feel itself before.

Tower of emptiness -
shell waiting to be filled,
and filled, to feel itself again as real;
electrically merging in fields of white
as light of day completes the night,
ecstatically empty of thought-forms that spin
and spinning, begin singing once again.

Flesh rising in continuous, imperious delight
Sensation taking flight
into a brightness of pure being
scrutinizing everything
that is within a single glance;
entranced into enchantment
by a spell of repartee
that speaks itself unknowingly to life;
appeasing and releasing
fields of ecstatic energy.

But then at break of day, just when
the mind begins to spin routine again,
a realization taunts and teases,
refusing to be laid aside;
just when a backward way is opened
and consciousness receives its opposite
in unknowing waves compelling
its awareness of unknowing.

As flesh itself speaks volumes of emotions
in flows of words so rarely uttered,
that in and of itself this very flesh
of our composure, seems no more
than just a dream of fantasy;
seeded in unuttered nights of ecstasy,
pleading for no more than an expression.

As titillating, tantalizing visions of reality
swim surrealistically within the light of mind,
as if the feeling of the movement of all hair
were inspired by the feminine of all divinity.
And She arises once again through flesh,
just as flesh begins to intermesh,
becoming mind within an utter sense
of its experience . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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