Sheer Goddess

Come to me, great healing heart,
sheer Goddess of the magic realms
that lie invisibly inside all souls,
permeating through these lives
we only think we live,
until the feel of all you are
enters in to give us all the love
that we had never felt before.

Become the wings of faeries flying
joyously into a night of angelsong,
teasing dawn into deliverance,
flying free upon the wind
in sparkling hues of diadems;
as stardust falls o'er all
these earthen dreams.

Divinity of soil and sky,
sing your sultry lullaby
that fires the desire of the sun,
and weeps in tender melodies
those many tears upon mere windowpanes,
etching beauty with your frost of icy artistry,
weaving glory into tapestries
unbeheld until the soul is freed;
and then the splendor of a moment,
awakening to see ourselves
just there, in your reflection.

Seed of life's experiment,
incubating in your nourishment,
entombed within your womb
of great endurance,
garnering a deeper meaning
than any rose can tell in words.
Sleeping, then repeating
life itself within your bloom.

Essence of each mirrored glance,
silvery moisture beckoning.
Come to me, and play awhile
within this matrix only you create;
where wisdom dwells about, within,
the wonder of an ever-spinning
Goddess of these magic realms,
containing all beginnings
in your cycles without end
and somehow, within me . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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