Sight of White

The sight of white on white
vistas only broken open
by those errant threads
that dared to grow too tall, too strong
within the heat of summer's warmth;
refusing to give up or to give in
to blankets of a pure and icy
numbness of deliverance from pain.

And still the rain remains,
unhindered by the loss or gain,
coming midst the heat of icy mists
that finds its power only in
an extremity of opposition -
war-like in a battle stance
that never learned to dance.

Yet even here, a whispered wind
succumbs to the great coming
of the morning sun;
melting, melding frozen particles
back into streams that flow
forever into form, e'en here,
within this sight of white on white
as it begins to intermesh
with hues of ever-blue
that sing in vibrant songs
of endless future dawns . . .


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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