Silky Soft

Silky soft, in moisture's mist,
we drift into another realm,
where magic dwells and dreams
begin their flight into reality.

Dewdrops form upon the grass,
never asking where or why,
just reveling within the feel
of wet and sultry being.

Seeking to become the sight
of rainbows burning brightly
at the dawn of every newborn day;
we are long grass swaying in
an early morning breeze,
and a sight of purest make-believe
alights upon our world
of deep sensation.

Provocative, the feel
of birds that sing in high vibration,
speaking in a voice of light,
radiating joy into each night
that comes to rest again
within the morning mist.

Silky soft, it leads us on,
and like a ripple on the pond
blends endlessly with hues
of earthen tones . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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