Spirit of Revival

A spirit of revival sings
the spring back into life,
atmospherically conditioning
the very air we breathe.
New channels opening
to tones of living harmony
singing with the pure potential
of all possibility set free
in compliments of ultimate compassion
blooming, as a rose
ascending utterly to being -
satin petals glowing in the
moisture of all morning dew.

It lies now, waiting in a state
of pure voracious certitude,
attracting all the particles
to power the continuum
of a newly arisen existence -
mistily observing and absorbing
everything it needs to sing itself to life;
as quietly, it loves itself to orbiting delight
invading air with daring,
innovative tendencies
springing from a welling spirit of revival
that sings in cycles of all seeds' rebirth . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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