Stars Were Made

I stood and watched
a star move on
deepening as indigo
began to flow its golden symmetry
and saw the moon move round
the bend and sound
of sun's reflection.

I breathed then, deeply,
of the centered core
of just one single particle of light,
and felt eternity move into me,
sparkling in means and ways
I'd never known before.

I reached then, opening in hope
to seek the feel of all imagining -
and found you there -
at first no more than
just a glimpse of pure delight,
before the starlight in your eyes
became a path into eternity;

As the feel of an electric blue
began to color moments movement
into pastel hues of ravishing delight;
paled by an overflow
of red to white that blended
into one and only one
new rose of dawn.

Oh, then the gold imbued
the alter of all being,
singing o'er my skin
in just one touch;
as love began to play itself
further yet beyond
the dreams that every
night unfolds;
tracing form within a sense
of utter innocence.

A fingertip can say so much
that words merely imply.
And, touching close,
I swear I felt an angel enter in,
as the stars were made
to spin eternally . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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