The Morning Light

Glowing nimbus of delight,
oh faery, taking flight into the night;
abeam with every dream
that needs a home,
leaving trails of rainbows
in a wake of awesome vibrancy,
that dreams itself
into the morning light.

Oh sphere of ever-beaming glory,
telling yet again a story
that seems to be a peak,
unuttered in the realms
of mind's perfection;
turning seeds to forests dark,
so deep and utterly commanding
that light is born yet once again
within the deep of forest green;

Remembering a time before all time,
when images of magic so divine,
lured all sense of mind into
a mood of silent solitude,
that grew in an unaltered song
of silent harmony;
and wings created everything,
taking flight into a night alive within
a glowing nimbus of delight.

Oh faery, taking flight into the night,
abeam with all our dreams,
come home again to be
the sight, the feel of ecstasy
that dreams us back
into the morning light . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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