To Be Reality

Everything is moving in slow motion.
I wonder as I wander through the night,
what form and space of pure delight
might enter into me;
for I feel a spree of love
now whispering beyond
the corners of the wind
that carries me into the everything -

Down corridors of light and life
that speak of ecstasy;
and yet I can't quite seem
to grasp this ecstasy within
what most will call reality.

It's more like floating free,
uninvolved and unencumbered,
and yet through all of this
still centered in one source
that speaks within the course
of all creative evolution;

Taking, blending into more within
an opening of doors
that many never try to e'en achieve
within this span of form in time;
and yet it asks me now to understand
and then express
its aura of pure welcoming.

As it dreams itself awake,
each time we take the time
to hear its call;
moving in slow motion,
whispering upon a satin breeze
that breathes itself into our lungs
and out again to touch the sun
in living, love that must
go on and on.

And so I wonder and I roam,
not sure just where to go
or what to do to make
these endless dreams come true;
and find you always waiting there -
my heart, my soul, my destiny -
seeking just to be reality . . .


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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