To Love Return

At the point of no return -
the past is gone, yet all the future lies
so vulnerable, within our grasp,
awaiting nothing more than a decision.

A decision that must reach beyond
the preset concepts of all right and wrong;
reaching with the heart and soul
to find its resolution in a balance.

Not one of peaceful make-believe,
but one of life-defying revolution,
transcending all past indiscretion
insisting that a new world now be born.

Not for the sake of you or I,
but so much more than this,
for evolution's calling out to come alive
within the future of this destined revolution.

Where yours and mine are found
within a total sense of unity that calls,
just at this point of no return,
when the rise and fall of all that matters
sends emotions racing through this flesh.

For we are blessed by so much more
than any feeling can supply,
flying high above the many moods
that multitudes have felt before.

simply loving,
all the way . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved
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