Tones of Empathy

Beyond the fluid movement
of the hordes of clones, repeating
actions without deeper meaning,
streaming through the streets
now somehow broadened
by the beat of footsteps
leading them all on
without a reason or a rhyme;

Details of an imminent
and overwhelming beauty
insist we take the time
to make them true,
for every child's newborn eyes
will dwell upon the spell
that we create
each time we do.

Listening, as water streams
through rocks, creating tones
and then a melody
of what can only be pure harmony
ascending through the depth
of our perception;

And too, within each lullaby
we dare to sing as dusk descends,
that blends itself into an indigo -
backwash of all starlight
streaming nightly into being -
where lack of light
can never be beheld.

And most of all within the feel
of love imbued within an atmosphere
of tenderness - now held within
the firmament of love's continuance
in time and space and form,
and our embrace.

Gentle, as the breeze that sways
the leaves of heightened trees
within a summer morning's breeze.
Harsher though, as cold descends
to teach the eyes of innocence
the lessons that all crystal
comes to hold;

Of energy and healing
as we, in our unaltered will to be,
channel healing energy anew,
touching to the core of soul;
beginning now, yet once again
to choose the course
of our very own enlightenment.

It lies beyond all rules and regulations,
conceived within a well
that runs so deeply through our being,
its exhaustion is impossibility;
so long as love is flowing free,
and freeing all our dreams
to life in flesh and form and matter,
reborn of endless cycles of release
that speak in movements
of an utter ecstasy.

As souls respond
and flesh resounds,
playing newly ordered tunes
of truth within invisibility;
conceiving loving tapestries
within a flow so deep
it seeds our dreams
with tones of empathy . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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