Touch of Empathy

Socially appropriate,
we sought a path that might become
communication being spun
into those dreams of unity responding;
where, opening, the heart resounds
in yet another variation of love's theme.

While intellectual vanity
faded once again into the mists
of the balance of all opposites,
and spirit rose in splendor,
seeking so much more
than reprimand can ever bring.

Dreaming of a newborn aptitude
centered in between the night of day,
where angels play in utter empathy,
enhancing what we know as symmetry
within the greatness of harmonious
and everlasting synchronicity.

Within one touch, such vastness found,
surrounding all embrace,
it loved itself into expression;
uttering mere words into a melody
that sang itself and all that is
into a unity beyond
mind's composition.

Drifting softly into sleepy dreams,
and out again in streams
of loving tenderness;
embracing all that is
so lovingly made real within
one touch of utter empathy . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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