Unseen Energies

Unseen energies repeat
in rhythmic attitudes
that tease us to a state
of pure awareness
where feelings dwell,
invisible to sight.

Until a peak is reached
and defenses are breached
by a power greater than
most minds conceive,
within a sense of pure relief,
releasing vivid memory to fly.

One moment, dark and scathing,
opening the soul to speak its truth
and oh, how weak the will becomes
within the sound of innocence
at last set free to breathe itself alive;
just as a strength reveals itself,
awesome in its ingenuity,
that speaks of the congruity
of dark that comes to meet
and greet the light.

Invisible, this feeling realm
where oceans of emotion
rise and fall within one call
of spirit winds that fly so high
the atmosphere begins to reel
in dizzy heights of clarity;
where unseen energies repeat
in rhythmic attitudes of mood
that speak of destiny
repeating endlessly
into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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