Irrational and unsuspected,
those memories that hide
within emotive depth
that keep sensation underground;
until one moment, left unguarded,
brings the core of all awareness
crashing back into a life,
as feelings once thought alien
invade the space he thought
he'd made secure.

Metallically, as if some
mighty fire of desire
suddenly refused to be concealed.
Yet the walls are melting now -
running, melding into ores -
as base emotion flows,
through realms
invisible to mortal eye;
even as the sky, somehow unbound
reveals itself anew
within the glowing hues
of starlight singing.

As rings of light encircle,
in redemptive moods of blue,
a moon that simply will not
be confounded by the sound
of sun's awakening;
and can never be confused
by moods of mere
reflective inclination.

And then, just then,
irrational and unsuspected,
love begins to bloom again
arising from a depth of heart
that knows this point
of its awareness to be true
shining through the particles
that wave their way
through all infinity . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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