Untold Variations

Never-ending facets swirl
in variations still untold;
and perceptions that keep multiplying,
holistically, as we still seek to understand
this sense of creativity that builds
and then destroys in increments;
rebuilding parts anew yet once again
in this universe that you and I inhabit.

A mindset found, a mindset lost;
a momentary balance in between
(seen as an extreme to most),
can prove to be the saving grace
of time and space that seek,
at base, pure being.

Where experience itself
must take the lead,
deciphering the seemingly
unending movements made;
and more, each intimate
or distant form of our relationship,
lived within the prism of our souls
forever opening into infinity.

When so much more than power
comes to play its part within our lives,
reaching and achieving core's composure;
speaking in a voice that simply cannot be denied -
for its source refuses all denial
with such power that all hours pause
and reach for its significance.

As never-ending facets swirl
in variations still untold,
repeating and combining,
multiplying and dividing,
melding into patterns never known;
until a mind is finally freed
from preconceived activity,
built within a blind, misleading system
of minds that never knew themselves at all.

When soul is freed to be itself entirely
within this flesh of creativity,
and never-ending facets swirl,
growing yet another universe . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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