Waking Sleep

Dreamily, this waking sleep
drifts us through the days and nights
where light plays lovingly in shadows
falling all around the life we lead.
And oh, I miss you so already.

You, who only left an hour ago.
How deeply felt - your presence as it fades,
back into another day without you here;
where yesterday, a clarity of meaning,
was sparkling through the very air I breathed.

Now gloomy rays of sunshine pouring
down upon the snow, might easily become
the brightness of a rainy day;
when, sheltered in your arms, we played
a melody of love on strings of flesh.

Overwhelming sense of innocence betrayed
we lay so close our breath
changed everything in sync,
in the movement of our hearts and souls
entering and leaving,
believing and conceiving
reality from all that seems
most fragile and ubiquitous.

As dreamily, this waking sleep
drifts us through the empty days of flight,
returning memories within a flash of light
knowing that return means everything . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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