We Compose

Surprising words suspended
'cross a bridge of heart's deliverance;
gently moving in a breeze
of starlit innocence.
Touch of flesh within a sense
of loving symmetry.

Ancient tomes
unfolding in between.
Hand in hand, we roam
the wilds of all mind,
as begin to speak
in increments of where
all time and space have
come alive in us.

Whispering in phrases
that express the many
realms of loving happiness;
reaching out, becoming form
from a state of universal incubation;
reborn to life in time and space
through every loving movement
of which this flesh partakes.

Understanding peaks just past
the height of all unreason
bending in an ever- growing
tapestry of beauty born anew,
just as this revelation reaches
to the depth of cellular creation;
resounding in vibrations
of an utter harmony,
that speaks in streams
of this unending dream,
as evolution seeks and finds
its home within our being.

Particle by particle
in waves of harmony,
this ecstasy repeats itself
within a lesson needing
nothing more than to be learned;
revealed everlastingly
within each cell of flesh
that we compose.

And thus another song
is brought to life,
as silently, we sing our way
to utter ecstasy . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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