You Are There

A river flowing out of sight -
invisible, these realms of all arrival.
Just round the bend,
amazing vistas open out
for you are there,
offering an open-armed embracel;
loving time and space
and distance playing
tones of utter harmony
that move infinity through
mortal form.

The mountains rise
above the cloudy heights
promising delightful views
that only tops of clouds
have ever seen before.
A path runs through an open door
and you are there,
teasingly inviting me
to run away with you.

Gleaming streams of sea aglitter;
sunshine running o'er great waves
as you arise within dark caves
to dwell upon the sunlit coastal sands,
turning sands to golden flecks
of utter inspiration
and I know that I am
recreated in one touch
as I feel your innocence
begin to flow through me.

Alive in wet, yet salty breezes;
of rivers flowing out of sight;
the scent of startling stars at night
and waves of hope and joy that furl
and curl their way around the bend
where every meeting dwells untamed
within the unknown mists
of love's creation...


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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