Factories turned into office buildings.
Coal mines to above-ground caves
of atmospheric illnesses. Hands going
numb from typing life away.

The new industrial revolution.
It kills employees secretly.
As it manipulates and threatens
to remove their gross security.

Work harder, longer - increase
your production! There are no laws
protecting you from us, for we are
management and live above
the bottom line that we insist
you hold.

Click away. Don't stop to play or pray.
Don't have a fit about the way
the systems never seem to work
the way they ought to do.

Hold it in. Explode within.
Cruel and cold, there's nothing
left that's free. Anchor the anxiety.
The pressure builds to pain.
Catch a virus. No one's left to blame.

Be here in the morning though.
No matter that you're sick or old.
We hold you tightly in our fisted grip.
We'll lay you off. It's not our fault!
The best of all our wishes go with you.

As we turn our backs and walk away.
Leaving you to your unanswered prayers.
You're not good enough to be ranked
as a player. You never learned to lie
in tones that held sincerity. Refusing
just to die and be reborn to something
other than the who you're meant to be.

And so we'll take what little wealth
we ever shared with you. So easy
for us then, to say "Adieu"...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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