The heavens were alight with dying light.
A bombing binge, still hinged on man's frustrations.
Taking strength to meet its great extremes.
Sun setting as the indigo revealed
the dark side of the days so many
still refused to feel.

The dreams could not keep up with their denial.
Heat inspired by nothing more than wrath.
Holding hearts in stasis, while they lost
the guidance of a greater path. Believing
math could hold the great distinction.
Rationing the power to create another
grand disease. A plague. Always manmade.

Unanswered for too long, their hearts
were forced to thus engage the darkness,
growing in their cells. They could no longer
meld with some unearthly innocence.
Not any more. Their age became them
not at all, for still they sought to make
their youth eternal. Ah, but then,
one quiet moment entered into them.
Teasing them with peace they'd never found.
Offering a wisdom lying far beyond
complexities attained.

December rain. Racing 'cross the borders
of their brains. Refusing to be turned into
the numb. Interfacing earth and air and sun
in every drop of moisture shed. And then,
a constant sheen of worth, as light itself
fell deeply into them...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano All Rights Reserved
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