The pain is all-enveloping.
Washing you away within
a sea that drowns all thought.
Nothing you've been taught
can help you here. You
simply must hold on and
just endure.

The scars run deep.
They never sleep, but
spew up flame in agonies
that live back to the briar
of burnt past. Nothing ever
really lasts for very long at all.

Yet there - a song from long ago
still vibrates deep within your soul,
begging you to let it sing along.
Crystallized, the wholeness hidden.
Waves that rush in movement's change.
The ticking of a clock, forever stopped.

And all that's left is pain.
Irrational, it leads you there again.
Back into a past of where and when.
Sometimes it really seems more real
in vivid memory. Slit wrists above
a pool of livid blood. The past
repaired as agony is lost.

The medics burst upon the scene.
You see it, far away, as in a dream.
Turn around, a shining door is
opening for you. No longer can
you feel the black and blue of
life in time.

This time there is no turning back.
Too late, the care you always lacked
from them. Rising up, there is no
shame or sin. You feel yourself
just flying through the skies. As if
a pair of angel wings expanded
out of you. Remembering the love
you never knew from human kind.

You find yourself. The verse upon
the tombstone had been written.
"This angel couldn't take it anymore..."

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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