Almost Over

They slept the sleep of deep amnesia.
Wandering through time and life and love.
Seeking perfect moments while the up above
kept seeking down below. The information age
was almost over. Intellect protruding as
the war machines wore down its many heights.
Fighting yet another war, within the barren blight.

The desert stormed for so much longer
than they thought it would. Hot and dry,
and always ill-defined. Containing all the feel
of fire. Bringing passion back into the living
oceans of their lives. But passion's pain
seemed all that they could gain,
this time around.

Eyes open wide, within the fire and ice.
Extremities that met themselves inside.
Finding that the space they'd made
communed within a stasis that was
ordered as immune. Until they traveled
to that sacred place. A secret space.
Their wishing well, so deep within each cell.
Within a wave of time they never held.
The rushing round had all slowed down
for them.

Quiet, and the peace of contemplation.
Emotions a mere backdrop of the light.
Sensations numbed as spirit took to flight.
And yet, within each cell of flesh,
awakening began. Again and yet again,
ad infinitum. Flying high and sinking deep.
The promises they had to keep. Made in days
of past that always honored love's endurance.

And then they found that love could bring
the toughest of the choices to them all.
Suspended o'er the edge of earthen cliffs.
Looking down while spying all the light
of heaven in its many splendors. Held,
somehow in stasis, deep within the facets
of their own reflective moods. Sun shining
bright within the storming heights.

Perhaps the mists would always be
the best of places to receive
the ghostly images projected.
From the ancient keep now named
a garbage dump. They lived among
ex-rated fantasies. As within their sexuality,
the powers of the light and night were
sinking too completely out of sight.

Yet still, they claimed to own the never known.
And bade all others listen to their deep-set
imagery. Never quite put into words.
Oh no, the big and brawny nerds
had never come that far.
Instead, they lived their lives within machinery.
One to two and back again, with nothing in between,
and all the rest a void that sounded like the nevermore.
Electric currents blinding eyes to all they
might receive within their hearts. Success,
and thus another failure entered in.

And so they chose to sleep the dreams
of what was called amnesia in men's schemes.
Merely wondering through time and life and love.
But not quite touched, not where it mattered.
Seeking perfect moments while the up above
kept sinking down below. The information age
was almost over. Intellect protruding as
the war machines wore down its many heights.
Fighting yet another war, within the barren blight.

Ideals forsworn within a newborn creed
called bio-ethics. Upholding norms
that lived into their deaths.
And so the misery was spread
from up above into the down below.
Impotent, they lay awake and sought
the sleepy satin of the night. While every answer
every gleaned - became another war machine -
driving through the facets of what once was
named as them. But their computers lingered on.
Killing all the living warmth of sun upon their skin.

Programs written by the most downtrodden
of them all. Desperate, it lead them into yet
another fall that lived within each little glitch.
Invisible, the great revenge evolving.
Little children brainwashed by its beams.
Reeking havoc in their living dreams.
Seeking, always seeking, some new scheme
that might allow their souls to live
within the stream of life's reality again.

Mother love, an integer, too long left undefined
by manmade time and misplaced space.
The image blamed for all the ills they'd spun.
Would they ever find the way again -
to love...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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