Amid the Shadows

Shadows pressing closer in the night.
Moon and stars - reflections of the light.
A burning need. The sun recedes
into the indigo.

A blanket of omnipotent exposure.
Deities that never knew of closure.
Too human fright amid the sorrow
suffering itself within their dreams.

The meaning flashes, lightning quick.
Wrapped up in sleep, they drift
into forgetfulness again. The sands
of mind must sift yet one more time
through everything.

Each little thing that makes them feel
becomes the essence of the real.
Good and bad, nor high and low
have ever really covered all the loss.

Lives saved at such a cost to their involvement.
Residual, the memories responding.
To step beyond the fear of death
brings joy and grace unbidden.

Far beneath their hidden vanities,
the stardust breeches all infinity.
The psyche moves and moves them
as it will.

The pain of childhood strain that knew
so little of the life that it endured.
Complexities of modern mind
lost within the purity of loving left behind.

Ingrown within their attitudes,
in payment of their private dues,
they sacrificed the moments
of what ought to be their lives.

Giving in when systems change.
As if some other mind might tame
the instincts that they all must bear
within. As if the sin were ever theirs
to really bear at all.

Creators come and go within a range
of popularity. Ideas flow in freedom,
nonetheless. And yet one kiss,
so freely shared, can open doors
that lead to an awareness of the soul.

Amid the shadows pressing closer in the night.
In moon and stars - reflections of the light.
A burning need. The sun recedes -
and brings its light into the indigo...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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