A Moment of Passage

Pearlescent sheen beyond the window pane.
Moisture in her teardrops, all in vain.
A wish, a want - deep-seated need.
She wished for love, not just to breed.

Haunted image taunting her in dreams.
The misty magic flaunting larger schemes.
She heard a sea-gull crying in the skies.
And knew this was the day that she would die.

There was no fear. For all that she held dear
would follow after. Moving in and moving on again.
Like sound enhanced within the fog, and then,
she heard it rustle in the corner of her mind.

Just out of sight. Looming in the gloomy attic's blight.
A figure that had never quite appeared to her before
was gathering itself in an internal sense of being.
Awake, and yet it seemed like she was dreaming.

Looking back, a causeway stretched, far out
into the Summer Sea. Full of lust, its ancient
memories. Love floating ever out of reach
from there. And she found she couldn't spare
another tear to feed the bareness of the stones.

For she was drifting now, essentially complete.
As if her feet no longer touched the ground.
And the best of all her memories had come
alive again. Moments of a tenderness divine.
Shared and shared again over the course
of living time.

A newborn babe now held in mother's arms.
First feeling of an ever-loving bond.
Heart melting in its innocence and charm.
Long before the force of will was spoken.
Some other life, before the love was broken
into bits and pieces of disharmony.

She loved them all. Even those she chose
to live without. Sequestered in a sacred
isolation, she moved on. Pausing as each
sad offense of honor overtook her mortal mind.
Regaining balance, moving on within the magic
whirling all around her in the mystic wind.

She saw it all as if in overview. Extraordinary
pairings that she hadn't noted then. As each
extreme sought out its opposite. The numinous
had entered in. She saw each world made to spin
by a power never quantified by men.

Undefined, refusing any name. Merging in a mist
that seemed to be the image of her mother -
all the best and worst flowed through her then.
Their selfishness. The living pain of shame.
Filtered and let go again, the time had come to go.

Behold, the golden glow of that, her angel.
Come back to lead her to the end
of the beginning once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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