An Opening

If only's and the themes of dreams.
A small touch of potential once redeemed.
Someway, sometime, somehow.
Do I believe in its significance...?
When reality is what it is these days.
Not yet, no... No matter how hard I try...

It's been so hard for all too long.
Those old love songs seem distant,
at the best. And there, within the worst,
the shadows prophesy a curse
that just lives on and on through
all the force men's minds
could ever bring to bear.

A slight shimmer that evaporates
within the growing night.
As if the might knew not of all the
treasures that the darkness held.
They'd woven such a spell
o'er all of us.

It was untold. For all the words
of humankind. They could not seem
to find the best expression or the rhyme.
It's always been too hard and much
too heavy for an individual to bear.
The agony impaired in gross denial.

Too vast the lies and alibis
depended on for limited survival.
As the arrival of the imminence drew near.
Harried by an overwhelming fear.
The masses cringed and hid within
the host of manmade structures.

While there, within the numinous,
the angels sang their sufferance as wind.
And there, just on the edge of life and death,
a sudden breath of freshness came to them.
Believing at a level seldom reached.
One on one, beyond that final breach.

Where mother to daughter and
father to son, they were one.
No matter any alteration found.
There, within the awesome realm
of utterance that lived within
the depths of their emotive attitudes.

Ever flowing, ever moving on.
Blending and reblending within form.
Touching close, as every need
must be - at last - an opening
into the evermore...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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