Another Height

Darkness can be beautiful
compared to glaring light of day.
Indistinct, the shadows dance and play.
A unity of all that is unknown.
A glowing here, a shimmer there.
Faery lights that quell your fear.
When morning dawns so lightly
in your eyes.

You feel as if the skies belong to you.
Imbued with puffy clouds of purest white.
Sparkling clear, the afterthoughts
of every faery flight. When suddenly,
the pull begins anew. Down deep
into an abyss where eternal sadness
rises in an instant undenied and ever true.

A switch of mood, like light and dark.
A sudden flare of tiny sparks.
The mystery abides so deep within.
Bone deep, a chill is taking place.
You're whirling in empty space.
A void has come alive and grows
into a different type of show.
As real as light, the darkness tells its tale.

Shrinking in while moving out.
Clouds covering the sky with doubt.
Cyclic journeys have no end in time.
Dream to nightmare, back again.
Spiraling within the wind.
Over and across the high and low.
The source of tears unlimited in scope.
A small lament that turns to hopelessness.

Helplessly, you reach again, to find
you can no longer touch the stars.
The moon is shrinking back into
a different kind of darkness then.
Creating yet another height
within the depths below...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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