Another Little Bit

Another little bit of freedom.
This time round she hadn't
even noticed that she'd held
her breath so long. Waiting
for the other shoe to drop.
Expecting yet another pain
to roll within her heart.

There is a kind of love that never leaves.
Even when it knocks you to your knees,
It swells inside and never lets you go.
No matter how you tell yourself it's over.
It lives there - under cover, in the dark.
A little light that fills the nights with longing.
A memory - the feel of just belonging.
Running through your veins.
It felt so right, but now it feels so very wrong.

For long and longer, night has drawn you
under its antagonistic spell. And no matter
how you wished to do it well, your daytime life
began to falter. No matter how you looked, there
wasn't any other you could blame it on.
But no matter how you tried to carry on,
the feel of loving shared with others had
become a something you had never
really come to grasp at all.

The loss was growing. Wild eyed,
insisting that it run its course in you.
It ran too fast. Away and lost and gone.
You couldn't catch it, even in that glimpse
of golden dawn that told you that you
hadn't slept again, at all. It hung there,
like a pall, invading particles and atoms.
It took you over, stealing all your strength.
Macrobiotic, the math gone awry.
Black holes staring out from in your eyes.

Grief - the shock just wouldn't let you go.
So many tears that held themselves,
for so long, in abeyance. The river rushed.
You pushed it back again with just
a little bit of rain. Until the hurricane
began to gather itself, there, inside of you.
And everything you thought you knew
was cycling within a stormy sky.
Too large to ever be controlled.
Too far away. You couldn't hold it
in your aching hands.

Abandoning the right and wrong,
a song began to sing itself within
the rushing wind. Your fear and
anger couldn't hold it in. It sang
of love that never had beginnings
or and end. It simply was.
And just once more,
you felt the need
to let it be -
in you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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