Another Way

The clouds within the night sky bloom.
A mist held out within the fading blue.
The indigo would not come true tonight.
As warm winds blew another kind of bright
into the night they lived.

Rushing, always rushing - all the Christmas
lights were crushing their Thanksgiving.
While autumn felt the swell of Southern winds.
Alive within a memory that skimmed across
the brooding skies in flight. Perhaps an errant
lover dreamt of better days of yore. Perchance
his one time lover dreamt it too. For there,
within late autumn's morning dew, a warmth
was growing, in their weary hearts.

He saw her as she used to be. Before his wrath
brought injury to her. She worried that he would
abhor her now. Scarred and ever altered by
the lightning flung from his too distant skies.
And yet this dream would not abide such fear.
For here, the altering induced by his departure,
had fled the scenes, as if it never had been
real at all.

And once again, the future blossomed, deep
within her heart. Unbidden and uncompromised,
as if the starting point were just arriving. The light
of spirit dawning in amends within her soul.
For the whole of life would have its say, no matter
all the empty days they'd lived, so far apart.
Thinking space could ever mend the start
or stop of love. And that mere time had never
held an awful power over light and dark.

It mattered not, the form beheld. What
mattered most was that he held her near.
There was no compromise within their kiss.
And at long last, the utter bliss that he once
threw away, was somehow drifting in the winds,
and felt as if this time, it just might stay.
Another moment, and the mists began
to fade away.

For he had chosen his reality to be
another way. Wet pillow met the tears
she shed again. He never really was
a friend of hers. And once again,
the depth of his betrayal entered in.
Set in stone at levels of the heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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