A Prescience

Energy mispent without recall.
The money didn't matter, after all.
Things, accumulated in the chambers
that they thought they owned,
would never, ever come to fill
the need they always knew as home.

'Twas then as if a magic potion
subtly achieved - an inner glow
that flowed as strong as all
the growing tides of air.
Quickly, surely reaching out,
and gathering yet more unto itself.

Pouring through the darkness,
yet another living ray of light -
that lifted all the heaviness of night
and took to flight as if on wings.
Spirit of the light, it moved
so gracefully upon its wings of air.

A purity of energy that flew too free
to e'er be captured by their lines
of electricity. A sizzling - pure white
on white - began to make the change
into the many hues that every healing
must bring.

The wholeness still existed at the core.
No matter the excuses that they bore
into their tombs of stone and steel.
Lightning quick, and then a pause.
Like the rumbling of some erratic,
beatific gauze of healing.
It wrapped their consciousness
within a splendor of pure awe.

The energy renewed itself in waves.
Blazing bright within the dying down.
Embers that responded -
lifted into flaming fire again.
Coalescing with the falling rain.
A steamy mist, and then release.
The gist of every
ever-living moment still
refused to stay behind.

A prescience followed by a moment
when it became real. Then oh,
the feel of love of life come true...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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