Awakening Within

The mind, for too long drifting
in the quakes of ego's wake.
A white of light awakening within.
Encompassing much more than
mind had ever come to know.

It dwelled somehow, within
the silent feel of loving life
deep in the spans defined as
real to them. Authority and
blind appeal was all they'd
come to know - until a death -
defying compassed feels
of positive, encompassed them.

Then suddenly, their spirits
took to flight. Intent on never
judging right from wrong. But
rather concentrating on an
understanding need. Somehow,
it freed them from the bias of their pasts.
Not knowing how long it might last,
they plunged ahead somehow.

Vowing still to feel beyond
the pain of man-created
moments called just now.
They'd felt the pain
of prejudice abiding there,
so deep within their bones.
And yet their minds were
too well-honed to buckle
under such sadistic fantasies.

And all they sought was just
to breathe a clarity of air
into their lives. Alas, the air
had been contaminated,
in their awful games of win
and loss. They breathed,
and yet somehow their lives
contained a sense of utter loss,
so indescribable.

Mourning through the mornings
that led on into the night. Dreaming
things that brought them yet more strife.
The blight had come upon them all untold.
And yet it seemed to constantly unfold
within their hearts. For the loss of love
had yet to find a sense of utter healing
in them.

She loved too much to find a way
back into life again. For what they
they chose to call a life was never
where the love was happening.
Inspired by a feel of power,
still their happenings had come
to seem no more than cruelty to her.

Life was fading in a blur
of pain too great to be denied
by any one at all. The cancer
that they couldn't cure became
an ominous recall - back to
the nature all too many had
cast out.

While nature was yet still
an awesome happening -
that always lived somehow -
beyond their very mortal minds.
To understand her, they would
have to take a step back into times
before their egos were conceived
as what was real.

Why was it that they spun
their feel of worth only upon
those great imaginary feats
of lost equations...? While still,
the earth spun on and on and on.
While soon or late, the thoughts
came back to them. Within those
teasing dreams of love come true.

No matter all the sins they had committed.
Yet still, she was the only source of matter.
Matrix was a word too often mis-defined
in these, computer-iterated times.
Mater, mother, still she birthed them all.
Their machines could never come
to rule the solitude that each of them
came from.

It didn't matter where their minds in flight
might think that they'd come from.
What mattered most, eternally,
was all the love that ever was conceived
in mortal form. For they were born
within an ancient sense of utter moderation.
A millions seeds, yet only one come real.
Damping down the fire, while discovering
the flame.

They'd taken it too far adrift
from what was meant to be.
The mind, for too long drifting
in the quakes of ego's wake.
A white of light awakening within.
Encompassing much more than
any mind had ever come to know
as real. Complete was not an answer
to their over-complicated questions.

Love would be - no matter
any action they conceived
as right or wrong...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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