Awesome Power

An awesome power rising from the core.
Indulged within the dreams of evermore.
Fatalistic logic can't uphold the shimmer
glimmering within that glow of bold.

A tint, a hue - pure magic views
the innocence and tenderness
of all that is divine and waiting
deep within the temples of their minds.

Lightning quick, the sudden slowing down.
A stab of light within the darkness found.
Cells of flesh that intermesh.
Deep, the dark of their enlightened minds.

Fueled by chaotic spans -
so mindlessly appealing.
They drift and roam through unknown realms,
imagining the movements of their lives.

Claiming a complete control.
Never touching on the whole
of love. Little pleasures spattered
in infrequent tenderness.

As helplessly, they seek to die
to reach some heaven's door.
Irrational, their base of facts.
Illogically creating pain
to find the happiness.

Never bridged - the gulf 'tween mind and body.
Division of it all implodes the core.
Feel the threads that intermesh it all.
Floating in the wind -
the call of utter fascination.

So much more than just imagination.
Pictures of all life improved
by all the variations of its themes.
Love, the glue and thus the means
of every great transcendence.

It matters not, those schemes
of independence. Residual,
the focused dreams of particles
still move in union with the everything.

Conquering the feel of all
that seems too alien,
the deadly focus of their sins
dissolves within another melody.

Enchantingly, the innocence returns.
The fire of life - emotional upheaval.
Centered in the turmoil
of the seed within the soil,
moisture brings its nourishment to all.

An awesome power rising from the core.
Indulged within the dreams of evermore.
Expanding yet, the universe responds
at earthen levels - born within the love
of every form...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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