Before the Great Divisions

Before the great divisions had begun,
past the sunlit seas - o'er plains where
wildness was spun into the beauty
of an ever-flowing balance of all life -
here, the misty magic was complete.
Lying still within the core of every cell of life.

Like once upon a timing through
the angles of the mind. Or something
not quite seen out of the corner of an eye.
A mist of shadows calling out to once
again recapture all our hearts.

That pale green of sea was ever altering
its hues of natural appeal. Within the image
of a seer of future captured in the depths
of all the feel of being. Name it and contain it
really never worked at all. Especially not
within the real still claimed by blue-green seas.
The sirens in their minds still called to them.

There was a scent of feminine
that ever drifted in the moving wind.
And so they breathed it in -
yet once again. It seemed as if
they couldn't help themselves -
in love's concerns. And yet she
fathomed meaning that remained
beyond the games they thought
to play. No matter all the pain
they brought to bear within her being.

Invisible, it rode the winds of time.
Male-created fantasies of mind.
So difficult - to live within the great
complexity and mired conclusions
that their debates and their battles
brought her way.

As if she'd never had a say at all.
And yet some silent sentience
was leading her askance of all
the laws that brought them all to fall
so hard and deep into that sense
of being - and then into a feel
of nothing much at all.

For before the great divisions
that the minds of men had spun,
just past the sunlit seas and o'er
the plains where mankind's vanity
was tamed - the wilderness within
was spun into the beauty of the sun
within an ever-flowing balance of all life.
Here and now, the misty magic
sleeping in the shadows and the corners
of their minds - still sought the feel of that,
their wakening. They held it there,
amid the many secrets of themselves.
Mind and spirit, heart and soul -
still reaching for the whole within
the essence of all life.

Fire and earth and water feeling
deep into all mind's decrees -
finally come to meet within
the air of all that is...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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