Between the Sun and Moon

As the moon reflects the burning sun,
the images played on the silver surface
of the mirror of his eyes. Adjusting to
the glare, she stared much deeper.

It seemed the brightness was no more
than momentary flares. Sunspots spun
like chaos through their beings. Black holes
that ranged just out of sight and seeing.

Untouchable, yet perilously real.
They couldn't stop the movement of
the feelings stirring deeply in their veins.
Nerves tingled so deliciously.
Right up to the point
of patterned pain.

The glow remained in ever changing
ranges of eyes tints and hues.
Coming to the fore as if a muse
had been let loose within their souls.
Receding into shadows
where the words became
an endless banshee's scream.

And still the flow went on. Delving
into utter emptiness. Knocking on
the inner doors where bliss had never
found a way to live. While instinct
begged another kiss - that they might
feel the touch of destiny.

When suddenly, they wakened from
the dream. The full moon waned;
each drop of rain became their points of
living pain. Wind rushing as the
clouds retreated. Wheeling still,
the stars were pointing to the black
of blue. Where emptiness was born
again between the sun and moon...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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