Bleeding Tears

They measure out their lives.
In digits that seem numinous.
Complex, their equations.
Falling out of blind libations.
Especially there, imagination grows.

As they argue of what each of them
might really think they know.
Logic that explodes within emotion.
Intellect divided to the core.
Particles emerging that ignite
the things once flourishing in them.

Ashen hues from lack of sun.
Alabaster white, the skin that shuns
the spirit of the light's creation.
Deadly white that seeks
the darkness falling into them.
Gray that lives within them,
feeling more and more like lead.

Florescent lights that stunt their eyes.
Unending alibis surmised by others
that were never and yet always quite
like them. A feeling that the good and
right were sins that could not be forgiven.
Another war exploding their horizons.

The rich, the poor, the middle men.
Never guessing they were kin.
Disparaging the wholeness of it all.
Superiority, the only call they heeded.
Even as their homeland was stampeded
by a homegrown terror, living there,
in them.

Aristocrats to businessmen to slaves.
The horror of a subtle holocaust
that rode in waves through their society.
The courage of the lowly wasn't free.
The cost was not recorded in their
dry and boring tomes of history.

Where feeling dwelled, they named it
artistry. From stage to film to those
recording artists. The poetry behind
it all remained no more than just another
promise that they never meant to keep.
Strange, the way they never learned
to weep over their losses.

Instead they tossed another golden
coin into a manmade wishing well.
Yet still, the oceans swelled in
unforgiving waves that came to sweep
their safety and security away.
As the sheen of molten metals
they beheld were sunk to endless
depths. Where ne'er a living man
could catch his breath.

Once upon a time, in futures swelling
out of hand, they found the glow.
A heart-shaped jewel bleeding tears
for all the love they could have lived

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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