Breaking Through

There, beneath the waterfall,
the altar and the altered came to call.
It was as if their souls had intermeshed.
A curtained veil of water falling.
Keeping all the secrets of their love
within its precious heart of flowing on.

A moment out of time that lived forever.
Engendered by a light held deep within.
Reality became the spin of changes
being born. The blueprint drawn
in strength of blues. Their downfall
ever born anew. Deep inside the flow
of nature's love of all of life.

As time went on, the strife of life
came back to them - now doubled in
intensity . They never knew just what
had gone so wrong. Marriage vows,
the feel of bliss. New life that touched
the tenderness they always held inside.

But then the growth took hold again.
The other world began to spin.
And all the love they'd felt as true
became the living feel of all their blues.
Children grown and growing,
with the tensions overflowing
every will to be the tenderness
of seeds implanted long ago.

When yet again, the feel of the unknown
was blistering their souls. For one-on-one
could not conceive the whole. Nor would
the bliss exist for only them. The waves
were crashing down upon their utter,
inner shores. Grace - divine - abandoned
social life. For their within the feel
of love that somehow grew so dim,
a whispered scent of love
was breaking through...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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