Caught in a Web

Invisible, the threads are spun
of gossamer and electricity.
Information flying all too free.
Bleached filaments that blur
the symbols powering the mind.
Imagination lost within a looping bind
that spins out of control.

Sequestered by the blasphemy.
Reaching out with fingertips
to tap upon the cold, hard
plastic keys. Eyes impaired
by swift electric, moving images.
As if seeing through the looking glass.
Mirrored images of past indulgence.

While the pure imagery untainted
by their partial truths dwelled deeper still.
Down where the roots of life were withering.
The tree of knowledge grown too full
to stand the utter weight of their creating.
The overloaded branches broke
and fell unto the angel's fiery sword.

The time to make amends was long past due.
Dark awakening to their impending doom.
Earth quaking, shaking - all their bridges
breaking into bits. Riding high and low
and in between, destructive waves
of energy would bring the change to birth.

Primal life was echoing appeal.
The worth of family laid aside
was hindering their once proficient time.
Ethereal, a foggy mist began to drift into
their minds, within each breath divine.
Altering their lives at levels still left

Invisible, the threads were spun
of gossamer and electricity.
When was it that their will to be
themselves had gone astray...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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