Chaos Lives

Chaos theory - never uniform.
Even their equations cannot seem
to fit it into other norms.

God stands back. The great impact
is scientifically implied again.
A heartfelt laughter surges through the skies.

He wonders how they still exist within
their little minds. The angels have
another pillow fight. As regions of the world
are filling full of snow again.

Static electricity - a spark and then the pain.
Yet still, they sought to gain from what was lost.
The innocence of soul's refrain.
Believed extinct within the trading off.

Epiphanies are not conceived in books.
Data flows more rapidly than rivers in the rain.
Emerging theories still exclaim that they alone
explain its source, et al.

Their gods are cracking up with laughter,
rolling on the floors. For chaos must exist
for life to be. The fall of ingenuity foretold.
Intuition reaching for a something other
than the goals they hold as all too real.

Spirits speaking. Sirens weeping.
For the loss they earnestly behold.
Pacts are made, then broken.
In the silence, truth is spoken.

While chaos lives beyond their hero's deeds.
Unhindered by their scientific themes...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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