Choice and Chosen

Refining the incestuous nature
of that great taboo just at their center.
Playing god with righteous indignation.
Torturing the weak with their emotional
abstractions turned into invisible,
yet vicious proofs that never knew
the feel of any truth.

World weary of their mannish wrath.
The feminine withheld time and again
by the half of life that's always sketched
in male images of some great god they
never knew. Nor felt within a heart
more true than theirs.

A choice. The basic line. The great division.
Masterminds that never found the path that
lies beyond the nothing of just one alone.
The ringing of the phone is fading
back into the greater tapestry.
The lights of their computer terminals
cannot control the greed of industry.

Far above, the lightning flares again.
Hitting all too close to home and then,
the fear they used to use to control others,
quite suddenly comes back to them -
in flames. While all the many things
they sought to have and hold and own,
are turned to ashes of a past that never
felt the great reality of love.

Choice and chosen. Mindset frozen.
Death become the one release that
might entitle them to something more.
Yet even as eternal doors are opening
in them, they shriek of all the pain
they have created. Then fade into
their chosen nothingness...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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