Corrupted Over Time

The memories corrupted over time -
by space that grew in increments - uncaring.
The imagery was bright, the loving gone.
Terror swelled like ocean waves,
forever unredeemed.
They never really knew each other well.

Intimate, they'd touched, but seldom spoke
in words of understanding. Deeply united
but ultimately cold and split apart.
Mystery alive - soul-struck.
As if the stars careening overhead had come
to land in them for just a little while.
Essentially, the love had left them bare,
without defensive structures that might
dare to save their lost relationship.

Each memory that ought to bring a smile
of recognition - now overlaid by painful dissonance.
And at the core, forevermore was lost within the fog.
The night was deep and time was standing still.
The firmaments of heaven willed themselves
into abeyance. The silence brought no mystery
to light within them then. A feel of degradation floated
heavily within the misty air. Skin kissed by cool, damp
shadows moving in. Echoes of a unitary dream
were fading quickly into streams
of late night might have beens.

It never was the way they swore it really ought to be.
For the memories corrupted over time.
Filling all the spaces of their lives with misery.
Even as the mystery lived on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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