Dared Not Say

'If only' was the phrase she dared not say.
If only he had loved her more.
If only he had stayed to share
those endless nights of love
with only her.

The chaos of the present drifted
back into the past's security.
Future waited - gaping maw.
The rhythm of the wild waves
awash upon the shore.

Early morning, walking all alone.
Tattered sky of clouds her only home.
She couldn't do the social rounds.
The players didn't matter anymore.

Held down to earth by gravity.
Longing just to drift eternally.
No promise of a future touched
the empty spaces there within her heart.
Space that used to be so full of love.

She couldn't think. Her will was gone.
Wishing now to be unborn.
Unseeing gaze into his eyes again.
Tortured by an endless bleeding pain.
As if he held her close again, but then...

'If only' was the phrase she dared not say.
If only she had been more lovable.
If only all his love had been made real.
She shivered in the distant wind.
He never even tried to make amends.

And the chaos of the present
drifted endlessly within...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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