Death Again

The gray was riding high within the skies.
It seemed to shelter all his alibis.
Black and white without the salient
views of all the colors in between.
Words swallowed once again.
What had he said...? That made her
turn away from all the love that they
once shared together. His longtime
silence answered in the wind.
He knew too well, the source
of all the shame he carried then.
For he had left her there, too all
alone for words. After cursing
her with all the poison of his
lifelong curse. He didn't wish
to hear of all the illness he'd incurred.
Reality was much too much for him
to ever bear. Rather, let him stare
at his TV while marijuana fooled
him into yet another night of sleep.
So dreamless then. No matter
how his flesh caught fire within
his many unremembered dreams.
Hopelessness accompanied his many
errant schemes of days gone by.
Oh, how he'd lived within the feel
of her back then. But now the gray
was riding high - too deep within
the endless skies. As he dreamed
himself into his death again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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