Déjà Vu

Deep, the recognition of the soul.
Swelling up into this mortal matter.
Espousing yet another recognition -
night to day, a feel within the whole.

Invisible, the threads that weave
us into webs of deep relationship.
Complex, the undying memories
of all that we've forgotten in
the chains of mankind's seeds.

We've learned the differences within
mind's span of multiples and great division.
Muddling along, the spark grown dim.
When there, within an other's eyes,
a spark of light ignites within the night.

Buried deep, the hidden treasures,
repeating too much grief. Striving to
exemplify the feel of quality that
never had a need to die. For the
concept of all life is e'er eternal.
Joining time and time again into
unmeasured units of a great dispersal.

It never had to mean such suffering.
Sorrow ends and then begins again.
Just after that unspoken flight of joy
decides to take to wing. Breathe deep
of life - the flight an ever-loving
winged creature. Gliding on the tides
of loving hearts. Tiring, it comes
to land again. Seeking that safe space
of hearth and home and nested caves.

The dream - concavity existing in
the ever of a circle filled with motion.
Flesh at rest, yet still the soul moves on.
Circles within circles, in a spiraling
that keeps life living on some unknown
brink of what might be. The staid and steady
live for just a while. Then wile away within
the boredom that they chose. Yet all the while,
this growing whole was there for them to see.

The cusp that leads into infinity.
An underworld that covers over
every limitation of above.
They seek, but not quite far enough.
They choose again the giving up.
And drift back to the herd yet once again.
As perpetual, that feel of giving in
distorts their lives.

The more they seek is hiding there, within.
If only they would ever enter in.
And there! Another feel of déjà vu!
Awakening the underworld again.
Yet somehow different in its stance
this time around. Claiming an importance
never found within the outer, waking world...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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