Dishonored, nature stormed into their lives.
Tornado speed, the wind declared
the loss of innocence for gain as wrong.
The honesty was beaten down.
The beat that underlay so many of
their songs was reaching for the deep
of savagery.

They called it a performance, nothing more.
Pretending that the changes that they saw
did not obtain their outer glory from
the deeps inside of them.
Sobering, the moments of their sins.
Human nature growing into dim
and murky matters of the minds
that stood so far away from heart and soul.

As speed increased, the mystery was lost.
Tossed within the current tides.
Losing touch with all that dwelled
upon the other side. Their make-believe
gone sour in the heat. Raging passion pushing
through the ancient instincts, deep ingrained.
Within/without, the hurricanes continued
to move through them.

Mind and spirit. Heart and soul.
Seeking just to touch the whole.
Light invading deep, dark attitudes.
The darkness spoiling all their heady moods.
Denied, the evil stole its way
right back into the middle of
their lives.

Sequestered in a fortress
that was crumbling around them.
Height was reaching for the depths again.
Stone imprisoned by the green and growing
things of nature. Deep within the jungles
lay the bones of yet another civilization.
High upon the peaks, the bleakness
fell into their hearts.

Terror screamed. The nightmare dreamed
its way into the light of mind again.
The blessing turned back to the curse.
The best was bonding with the worst.
The power couldn't struggle anymore.
Faded strength was bound to apathy.
The balance always gained again
within eternity.

Dishonored, nature stormed into their lives.
Tornado speed, the wind had wound
its way into their songs. Realizing,
far too late, that in this crazy world
that humanity had gained, their best was
never quite enough to right the wrong
inherent in beliefs of mortal minds.
For the intellect had risen far too high
above the best that they could be.

While instincts lay too low
to be conceived...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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