Distantly Awaiting

Deep and dark, the secrets
staring through his eyes into
the mirror again. When all
that he could think was spent
on sending his real feel of private hell
to somewhere else instead of within him.

Pictures racing through his mind.
Images of long lost times.
People he once loved were
standing out. Altered by
the prison of his doubts.
Running, sure and fast,
from him, the source
of every blast of agony.

Split right down the middle.
Neither here, nor over there.
Imploding by want of a double
exposure, it seemed. Yet still,
he dreamed. Of eyes of blue
that shot white light so far into
the middle, where he lived.
Reminding him of want and
need, and that - his ravaged heart.

There was a time he'd sought
those new beginnings. But not
for long, for fear was waiting there.
The years were gathering within
a weary patch of mind. He could
not find the will to make a change.
So simple then. He'd simply choose
to stay the same as used to be.
As if eternity had never touched
his heart and soul.

And then, no matter how he tried,
he couldn't make the past be so.
For she had changed him there,
in essence, long ago and far away.
And yet those changes chose a way
to stay. Another day was dawning.
In between, and still at odds.
Deep inside, he knew that he had
chosen to become a pawn again.

While late at night, his eyes would
always drift back to an image of her
eyes. In indigo, the stars shone in
the skies. Untouchable, but oh,
so very real. He'd been revealed
within a universal view. And now
he knew it, as the love withdrew.
And there he stayed. Distantly awaiting
all the promises that he'd once made to her...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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