Endless Hearts

Within the indigo, they dream
of all the ordinary things
at last revealed within a feel
of meaning.

Startling awake, they fall again.
Back into the rules that glued
the doors to their imagination shut.
Reopening can come to mean so much.

Thoughts shattered on the walls
of self-denial. The silent call
of love is ever flowing in the wind;
where sunlight spins the dreams
of growing vision.

It never was a matter of division.
Life in all its majesty demands a harmony.
Held within the deeps of their expressions
lay all the happiness they had denied.

Sorrow cutting deep, the rivers
finally learned to weep, residually.
Skies sharing lighted particles
within their shattered views.

Their rage was thus engaged
in other feelings. Potentially,
the great exponent - driven
to its knees. As things began
to speak within their minds.

Altering, another path would find
them yet again. Exhausted by
the weight of knowledge wrought.
Remembering the simple lessons
taught to them with love.

Another movement, moment of
transcendence. Behold, the dance
of life begins again. As deep within
their endless hearts, the end begins
to speak of new beginnings...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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