Expounds Itself Again

Universal love - they lost it
in the whirl and the spin
of all their deep and hidden

The darkness burned.
The light was born again.
Chemical achievements notwithstanding.
Branded for too long by male modes.

The mother of us all must still
abide within her self-created home.
There never was a will of mass
that spurned the green and growing grass
of spring.

Too personal, the scheming that impinged
upon the source of love within
the particles that melded into
every thought of individual.

Universal mind could not abide
the rule of thumb that dwelt alone.
Difficult, the truth of living love.
Dwelling deep within antimony.

Life went on without response.
Souls shrank from all the violence
men made into the greater life
of ill-defined reality that lived
within their minds - so all alone.
Forgotten secrets dwelt in mystery.

The dream of universal love -
only there can magic take its hold.
Paradise comes only to the bold.
Heaven waits, as life intakes
the great extremities.

But here, within its dream,
the shadows honor all the light
of every loving scheme. Far beyond
the air of atmosphere, the vision
lingers - still begot by harmony.

One and two cannot express
the feelings of their loneliness.
Balance sheets have never lived
within the very common sense
within their views of life.

The blessing of the miracle
of life in form forgets the norms
implanted by their pyramidal schemes.
And thus, the dream of living love
expounds itself again. The positive
embracing every negative that hides

And thus, artistic vision finds
the love of all of life in kindness
fashioned to behold its mysteries.
Heart - oh, heart. Oh loving heart.
Please find your way back home
to me again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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