Floating in a Womb

He desired it, but couldn't stand the feel.
It was too real to live within imagination anymore.
Pressured pleasure, losing all control.
Seeking yet again to touch the whole.

But never quite arriving. No matter all the things
he said or did. Emotions dead within his great denial.
He whiled away the hours in his void of love in life.
Thinking through apparent strife into another dream.

How potently, he'd schemed for just one chance
to be with her. Lies comprising all he'd ever wished
that he could be. As there, upon electric waves,
he wasted his last chance to be made real.

For he desired it, but couldn't stand the feel.
Emotions tossed and turned within the real.
The pressure was too much for him to bear.
All pleasure lost within his cold, dark stare.

Never understanding the connections.
Wanting only undiluted passion.
No commitments made, no not for him.
For in commitment - ah, there lay the sin.

In ever wanting something more - within.
And so he stored the pain within his chest.
Until the cells of heart became unmeshed.
Where, floating free, the fantasy was him.

Alone within the void of all his sins.
Unabsolved, without direction.
Floating in a womb
that had no end...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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